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Manage Forms & eForms

Adding and managing Forms and eForms in OSCAR
Forms vs. eForms: The difference is that forms are non-editable “templates”, such as Ontario lab requisition, that come pre-installed with OSCAR. They are coded in Javascript and cannot be changed by the user. eForms are HTML based “templates” that users can create and fully customize.

Select Forms

  1. Click on Select Forms
  2. Click one at a time or CTRL- click a number of them
  3. Add them to the list

The selected forms will now be usable in OSCAR.

Import Form Data

Use this function to import data for a specific form into the OSCAR database.

Manage eForms

One of the greatest features of OSCAR is the ability for end users to make eForms for their own use and share them with the community.  Manage eForms gives you a list of current eForms from the Library.  You can edit their code, delete, export or even upload to the eForm emporium for others in the community to use.

The easy way to make your own eForm with lots of powerful features is the eForm generator.

eForm Groups

Mature clinics may have hundreds of eForms.  eForm groups are a way of organizing related forms for easy access.

Rich Text Letter

This is the OSCAR word-processor that provides professional output for correspondence.  On DEB installs it is automatically turned on and available via eForms.

Patient-independent eForms

This gives reports on patient-independent eForms

Customize Consult Appointment Instructions

This is where you can alter the text for consultation request appointment instructions

The default is:
Please reply to sending facility by fax or phone with appointment

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