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The Pharmacy link lets you specify the patients preferred pharmacy to be printed on the Rx or to be faxed directly from OSCAR


  •  At the right of the OscarRx header there is a dropdown for the Preferred Pharmacy for the patient. It is initially blank but you can click the Preferred Pharmacy link to pick a pharmacy

  • Once clicked you will get a list of pharmacies that have been entered into the system. Search for the one you are looking for and select it and select set preferred Pharmacy. if you can’t find the pharmacy in the Pre-populated list you can always add it in on your own using the Add Pharmacy link.


  • To add in a new pharmacy fill in the blanks that appear on the screen.  When you are finished click Submit.  You can edit information later on by selecting the edit link
  • When you have a large number of Pharmacies listed you can use the search to narrow the list as I have done with searching fo which captures Fort Erie Pharmacy, Fortino’s and Silver Fox.  Not shown you can search using multiple criteria at the same time.  Entering fo to and b for pharmacy city and postal code respectively, will narrow the search to Fortino’s in this list

  • Hover over a pharmacy and its information will be bolded.  Click on it and the chosen pharmacy will be transferred to the Preferred Pharmacies column.

  • If you Set more than one preferred pharmacy the default position  will be that of the top most pharmacy listed in this view in the Preferred Pharmacies column.
  • Use the Up and Down buttons to alter the order of the pharmacies.
  • You can unlink a pharmacy from the patient with the unlink button.
  • View More link gives you the full pharmacy information
  • The Edit link will open the specific pharmacy and will modify the information for all users and patients.
  • The Delete link will delete the specific pharmacy from all users and patients.

Now Fortino’s is the default (use the dropdown to select a different preferred pharmacy for the particular Rx) and you will be able to fax from Rx to the current indicated pharmacy.

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