The Pharmacy link lets you specify the patients preferred pharmacy to be printed on the Rx or to be faxed directly from OSCAR


  •  At the right of the OscarRx header there is a spot for the Preferred Pharmacy for the patient. It is initially blank but you can click on it to pick a pharmacy


  • Once clicked you will get a list of pharmacies that have been entered into the system. Search for the one you are looking for and select it and select set preferred Pharmacy. if you can’t find the pharmacy in the Pre-populated list you can always add it in on your own.

  • To add in a new pharmacy fill in the blanks that appear on the screen.  When you are finished make sure to select “Set Preferred Pharmacy” and then Save.  You can edit information later on by selecting the edit button
  • If you Set more than one preferred pharmacy a dropdown for the Rx will be available with the default position attributed to Preferred Pharmacy 1

TIP: BE VERY CAREFUL WITH ADDING If you Save an Pharmacy over another Pharmacy then all patients with the old pharmacy will have been switched.