SRFax gateway


This is a basic installation of an encrypted secure delivery to the SR fax server for use with Oscar.

Document Version History

  • v1.0 – initial public release to – May 10, 2016
  • v1.1 – amended for Ubuntu 18.04 – Sept 28, 2019

copyright ©2016-2019 by Peter Hutten-Czapski MD under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License


  1. Preface
  2. Document Version History
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Installing Server Packages


It is assumed that

  1. You have installed a Debian based Linux (tested on Ubuntu 14+)
    We recommend Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with full disk encryption
  2. You have a basic level of Linux knowledge
  3. You can open a Linux terminal
  4. You can cut and paste EXACTLY the following instructions

NOTE: Firefox will copy with Control+C while a Linux terminal requires Shift+Control+V for paste

Installing Server Packages

An Internet Fax Gateway is a commercial subscription service that allows for conversion of email to fax and vice versa, fax to email.  The main advantage of this service over the Hylafax method is that the phone line and the modem are provided. The costs are the need for internet connectivity and the gateway subscription cost.  The main disadvantage is that the email is usually sent unencrypted.  The following script sets up an encrypted upload of the fax file to the SRFax server rather than using email.

Apply for an account at SR fax and then with those particulars proceed

For Ubuntu 18.04

Install Python2.7 and python-suds for soap

sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-suds

Now Uncoil Your Python Script

Use your favourite text editor and load the following.

#!/usr/bin/env python

#from srfax import srfax
# Copyright 2012 Vingd, Inc. under MIT liscence
# extended by PHC 

import sys, getopt

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

'''SRFax ( python library'''

import re
import json
import os.path
import base64
import logging

import time

import suds
import suds.client

URL = ''

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# E.164 phone numbers are formatted +17045550100
RE_E164 = re.compile(r'^\+\d{7,15}$')
RE_NANP = re.compile(r'^\+1')

class SRFaxError(Exception):
    '''SRFax Exception'''

    def __init__(self, error_code, message, cause=None, retry=False):
        self.error_code = error_code
        self.message = message
        self.cause = cause
        self.retry = retry
        super(SRFaxError, self).__init__(error_code, message, cause, retry)
        LOGGER.exception("%s" % (self))

    def get_error_code(self):
        '''Get exception error code'''
        return self.error_code

    def get_cause(self):
        '''Get exception cause'''
        return self.cause

    def get_retry(self):
        '''Get retry option (should we retry the request?)'''
        return self.retry

class SRFax(object):
    '''SRFax class'''

    def __init__(self, access_id, access_pwd, caller_id=None,
                 sender_email=None, account_code=None, url=None):

        self.access_id = access_id
        self.access_pwd = access_pwd
        self.caller_id = caller_id
        self.sender_email = sender_email
        self.account_code = account_code
        self.url = url or URL
        self.client = suds.client.Client(self.url)

    def queue_fax(self, to_fax_number, filepath, 
                  cover_subject, caller_id=None, sender_email=None, account_code=None):
        '''Queue fax for sending'''

        to_fax_number = SRFax.verify_fax_numbers(to_fax_number)
        fax_type = 'BROADCAST' if len(to_fax_number) > 1 else 'SINGLE'
        to_fax_number = '|'.join(to_fax_number)

        if isinstance(filepath, basestring):
            filepath = [filepath]
        if not isinstance(filepath, list):
            raise TypeError('filepath not properly defined')
        if len(filepath) > 5:
            raise Exception('More than 5 files defined in filepath')
	# Display input and output file name passed as the args
	print ("2fax number : %s and input file: %s with subject: %s" % (fax_no,fax_file,cover_subject) )

        params = {
            'access_id': self.access_id,
            'access_pwd': self.access_pwd,
            'sCallerID': caller_id or self.caller_id,
            'sSenderEmail': sender_email or self.sender_email,
            'sFaxType': fax_type,
            'sToFaxNumber': to_fax_number,
            'sAccountCode': account_code or self.account_code or '',
	    'sRetries': '2',
	    'sCPSubject': cover_subject,
	    'sFaxFromHeader': 'Haileybury Family Health Team',
#			'sRetries': retries or self.retries or '',
#			'sCoverPage': cover_page or self.cover_page or '',
#			'sFaxFromHeader': fax_from_header or self.fax_from_header or '',
#			'sCPFromName': cover_from or self.cover_from or '',
#			'sCPToName': cover_to or self.cover_to or '',
#			'sCPSubject': cover_subject or self.cover_subject or '',
#			'sCPComments': cover_comments or self.cover_comments or '',
#			'sQueueFaxDate': fax_date or self.fax_date or '',
#			'sQueueFaxTime': fax_time or self.fax_time or '', 


        for i in range(len(filepath)):
            path = filepath[i]
            basename = os.path.basename(path)
            if not isinstance(basename, unicode):
                basename = basename.decode('utf-8')
            params['sFileName_%d' % (i + 1)] = basename
            params['sFileContent_%d' % (i + 1)] = SRFax.get_file_content(path)

        return self.process_request('Queue_Fax', params)

    def get_fax_status(self, fax_id):
        '''Get fax status'''

        params = {
            'access_id': self.access_id,
            'access_pwd': self.access_pwd,
            'sFaxDetailID': fax_id,

        response = self.process_request('Get_FaxStatus', params)
        if len(response) == 1:
            response = response[0]
        return response

    def get_fax_inbox(self, period='ALL'):
        '''Get fax inbox'''

        params = {
            'access_id': self.access_id,
            'access_pwd': self.access_pwd,
            'sPeriod': period,

        return self.process_request('Get_Fax_Inbox', params)

    def get_fax_outbox(self, period='ALL'):
        '''Get fax outbox'''

        params = {
            'access_id': self.access_id,
            'access_pwd': self.access_pwd,
            'sPeriod': period,

        return self.process_request('Get_Fax_Outbox', params)

    def retrieve_fax(self, fax_filename, folder):
        '''Retrieve fax content in Base64 format'''

        params = {
            'access_id': self.access_id,
            'access_pwd': self.access_pwd,
            'sFaxFileName': fax_filename,
            'sDirection': folder,

        response = self.process_request('Retrieve_Fax', params)
        if len(response) == 1:
            response = response[0]
        return response

    def delete_fax(self, fax_filename, folder):
        '''Delete fax files from server'''

        if isinstance(fax_filename, str):
            fax_filename = [fax_filename]
        if not isinstance(fax_filename, list):
            raise TypeError('fax_filename not properly defined')
        if len(fax_filename) > 5:
            raise Exception('More than 5 files defined in fax_filename')

        params = {
            'access_id': self.access_id,
            'access_pwd': self.access_pwd,
            'sDirection': folder,

        for i in range(len(fax_filename)):
            params['sFileName_%d' % (i + 1)] = fax_filename[i]

        return self.process_request('Delete_Fax', params)

    def process_request(self, method, params):
        '''Process SRFax SOAP request'''

        method = getattr(self.client.service, method)
            response = method(**params)  # pylint: disable-msg=W0142
        except Exception as exc:
            raise SRFaxError('REQUESTFAILED', 'SOAP request failed',
                             cause=exc, retry=True)

        return SRFax.process_response(response)

    def process_response(response):
        '''Process SRFax SOAP response'''

        if not response:
            raise SRFaxError('INVALIDRESPONSE', 'Empty response', retry=True)
        if 'Status' not in response or 'Result' not in response:
            raise SRFaxError('INVALIDRESPONSE',
                             'Status and/or Result not in response: %s'
                             % (response), retry=True)

        result = response['Result']
            if isinstance(result, list):
                for i in range(len(result)):
                    if not result[i]:
                    if isinstance(result[i], suds.sax.text.Text):
                        result[i] = str(result[i])
                        result[i] = json.loads(json.dumps(dict(result[i])))
            elif isinstance(result, suds.sax.text.Text):
                result = str(result)
        except Exception as exc:
            raise SRFaxError('INVALIDRESPONSE',
                             'Error converting SOAP response',
                             cause=exc, retry=True)

        LOGGER.debug('Result: %s' % (result))

        if response['Status'] != 'Success':
            errmsg = result
            if (isinstance(errmsg, list) and len(errmsg) == 1
                    and 'ErrorCode' in errmsg[0]):
                errmsg = errmsg[0]['ErrorCode']
            raise SRFaxError('REQUESTFAILED', errmsg)

        if result is None:
            result = True

        return result

    def verify_parameters(params):
        '''Verify that dict values are set'''

        for key in params.keys():
	    print ("key : %s and value : %s " % (key, params[key]) )

            if params[key] is None:
                raise TypeError('%s not set' % (key))

    def is_e164_number(number):
        '''Simple check if number is in E.164 format'''

        if isinstance(number, str) and RE_E164.match(number):
            return True
        return False

    def is_nanp_number(number):
        '''Simple check if number is inside North American Numbering Plan'''

        if isinstance(number, str) and RE_NANP.match(number):
            return True
        return False

    def verify_fax_numbers(to_fax_number):
        '''Verify and prepare fax numbers for use at SRFax'''

        if isinstance(to_fax_number, basestring):
            to_fax_number = [to_fax_number]
        if not isinstance(to_fax_number, list):
            raise TypeError('to_fax_number not properly defined')

        for i in range(len(to_fax_number)):
            number = str(to_fax_number[i])
            if not SRFax.is_e164_number(number):
                raise TypeError('Number not in E.164 format: %s'
                                % (number))
            if SRFax.is_nanp_number(number):
                to_fax_number[i] = number[1:]
                to_fax_number[i] = '011' + number[1:]

        return to_fax_number

    def get_file_content(filepath):
        '''Read and return file content Base64 encoded'''

        if not os.path.exists(filepath):
            raise Exception('File does not exists: %s' % (filepath))
        if not os.path.isfile(filepath):
            raise Exception('Not a file: %s' % (filepath))

        content = None
            fdp = open(filepath, 'rb')
        except IOError:
            content =

        if not content:
            raise Exception('Error reading file or file empty: %s'
                            % (filepath))

        return base64.b64encode(content)
# Store input and output file names
# Read command line args
myopts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:],"n:f:s:")
# o == option
# a == argument passed to the o
for o, a in myopts:
    if o == '-n':
    elif o == '-f':
    elif o == '-s':
        print("Usage: %s -n faxnumber -f file -s subject" % sys.argv[0])
# Display input and output file name passed as the args
print ("fax number : %s and input file: %s with subject: %s" % (fax_no,fax_file,cover_subject) )

srfax_client = SRFax(122222,

fax_id = srfax_client.queue_fax(fax_no, fax_file, cover_subject)
status = srfax_client.get_fax_status(fax_id)

print ("fax status : %s" % (status) )
#print ("foutbox : %s" % (outbox) )

Of course you will need to alter the srfax_client line just above with your id, password, caller id, and account email

Save as and make it executable

Now make it executable

chmod 777

Now a cron job

With the  deb installation Oscar drops faxes into /tmp/<tomcat>-tmp as matching txt files with the fax number and pdf for the image to be faxed.  These files can be parsed by a script that runs regularly, and uploaded to the SRFax fax gateway provider.

Save the following as gateway.cron.

# Fax Gateway cron
# Picks up the files dropped by OSCAR for faxing
# and uploads them to SRFax using the script

if [ -f /usr/share/tomcat8/bin/ ] ; then                                                                                                                              	TOMCAT=tomcat8                                                                                                                                           else                                                                                                                                                         if [ -f /usr/share/tomcat7/bin/ ] ; then 
then                                                                                                                              	TOMCAT=tomcat7                                                                                                                                           else                                                                                                                                                     
if test -n "$(find /tmp/${TOMCAT}-${TOMCAT}-tmp -maxdepth 1 -name '*.txt' -print -quit)"; then 
	for f in `ls /tmp/${TOMCAT}-${TOMCAT}-tmp/*.txt`; do 
		t=`echo $f | sed -e s"/\/tmp\/${TOMCAT}-${TOMCAT}-tmp\///" -e s"/prescription_/Rx-/" -e s"/[0-9]\{13\}\.txt//"`
		./ -s "Oscar Fax $t" -n +1`sed s"/ *//g" $f|tr -d "\n"` -f `echo $f | sed s"/txt/pdf/"` < /dev/null
		rm $f; 
		rm `echo $f | sed s"/txt/pdf/"`; 

Now make it executable

chmod 777 gateway.cron

And set it up as a cron job (you will need to run it as root or the tomcat user to open the files that are dropped by Oscar into the tmp directory.)  The following example has the root user sending the files

sudo crontab -e

And add an entry like the following that executes every 3 minutes

*/3 * * * * /home/peter/gateway.cron