Download eForms

This is a list of eForms that can be downloaded.


  • As is: E-Forms are shared “as-is” free of charge on a share-alike basis with absolutely no guarantee or warranty.
  • No Quality Control: We at OCUS do not vet any E-Forms and do not purport to apply any manner of quality control. We strongly encourage end-users to subject all the E-Forms loaded on their system to a thorough testing process and quality review themselves, before using them on real live patient charts.
  • Responsibility: The responsibility for the clinical and medical-legal consequences of any and all E-Forms, rest with the OSCAR end-users themselves. This applies to both E-Forms shared by others, and those created by users themselves.
  • Attribution: E-Forms are shared freely among the user community, with attribution to the original author of the eForm.
  • Free: E-Forms so shared may not be bought or sold.
  • Provincial validation:  E-Forms are optional and non-essential add-ons, separate from OSCAR, and each with their own license terms. E-Forms are not part of OSCARs core program functionality and code base. For this reason E-Forms are not subject to provincial validation testing and conformance criteria. E-Forms are also not subject to the ISO production process for OSCAR.


Other Sources:

OscarPRN eForm repository

eForm programming notes