MedRay Image-Guided Pain Management eForms

MedRay Imaging provides joint and spinal injection procedures. These eFORMS were developed by Oscar BC with approval from MedRay radiologist, and provided for the benefit of FHA physicians and their patients. Please support Oscar BC in its effort to continue providing EMR-based referral access to these services.

BC Pap Smear January 2019 eForm

This is the new Pap smear form for BC as of January 2019. Created by JohnY with some small tweaks by JohnR. there is also a specialist form in this folder for those who do not do primary care but occasionally do pap smears and leave the follow up to their primary care provider.

Senior Care Toolkit 2019

These eForms are for the Senior Care Project and were created by David Page.

Instructions to load Senior Care Toolkit

A) Delete the following eForms if they are in your system:

1) Global deterioration scale

2) Geriatric depression scale

3I Geriatric depression scale- short

B) Load the following eForms:

IMPORTANT: Do not change the names unless you know how to alter the code for the linking

1) 9-Senior Care Toolkit

2) Global deterioration scale

3) xGlobal deterioration scale

4) Geriatric depression scale

5I Geriatric depression scale- short

6) Refresh Senior Care Toolkit

7) ADL

8) iADL

9) First Link Referral

C) Test the links:

Open the Senior Care Toolkit

Click on ‘Dementia assessment tool’

Click on ‘Tools’ links next to 1,3,4

Click on the individual tool links to see that the eForm is in your system.

Click on the MOST link

Scroll down to the eForm section and click on all of those links

Make a note of the missing links and then load the missing eForms

D) Create the measurements:

You will need to create some of the following measurements



FRAI Frailty Score Frailty Score 0-10

GDS Depression scale GDS 0-30

GDSS Depression scale GDS short 0-20

GLDS Functional scale Global Deterioration Scale 0-10

MOST MOST MOST no validation

3MS 3MS 3MS 0-100



GAD7 GAD7 GAD7 0-30

PHQ9 PHQ9 PHQ9 0-30

ICBC forms CL 489, 489A, and 489B new for 2019

Created by John Yap with contributions from multiple other users (special thanks to Herb Chang). These are the new forms from ICBC for the GP standard medical report, and are required for use as of April 1st 2019. There are also instructions for uploading zipped eForms in this folder for those new to the process.

The Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) 2019

***This is a pure html eform – there is no image – upload the eform into the eform library – there is no zip file*** Minimum Level of Detectable Change (90% Confidence): 9 points Source: Binkley et al (1999): The Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS): Scale development, measurement properties, and clinical application. Physical Therapy. 79:371-383.

Prenatal Genetic Screening Form for BC

Latest Updated Feb 2019 – Removed EDD references, and using solely EDC. Still requires CRL measurement. Complete the Maternity Care Calendar first, and calculate the EDC from that eForm, for best results with the PGS eForm. Web links have been updated. If you have an older version, you’ll have to archive, rename, or delete the existing eForm in order to zip in the new one. If not sure, ask your OSP for assistance. N.B. The background is the same from Feb2014.