BCWH Ambulatory Clinic Referral 2019

2019-Aug-15 15:26 For referral to the Ambulatory Clinics at BC Women’s Hospital – Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Hematology and Anesthesia.

Lipid Clinic Referral Fraser Health JPOCSC 2019

Created by OSCAR BC for the Surrey North Delta Division of Family Practice . To be used for patients with Possible or unclear diagnosis of Familial Hypercholesterolemia, or premature or severe atherosclerotic disease.

Admission History and Progress Note Fraser Health 2019

For use writing admission history and progress notes for patients in Fraser Health. Adaptable to other locations. Has a menu for common history items. Has the ability to move the input lower on the page and print on to a partially used page (you must know how to properly orient the partially used page in the printer). Please feel free to adapt this to your needs.

Snore Care Patient Sleep Apnea Referral 2019

this eForm was made for SnoreCare Solutions. Description:Level 3 Sleep Apnea Study with Respirology Report. Provide CPAP and BPAP therapy with follow up care. Same-day testing. Key words:Sleep apnea referral, CPAP, respiratory, sleep, snore, oxygen, OSA, obstructive,Patient sleep apnea referral, RT, breathing, snorecare, snore care, snorecare soluitons