BMI Calculator Tools

Created by Petter Hutten Czapski

1) a simple RBT (RBTcalculateBMI) that calculates the BMI based on the patients adult height and the last wt in measurements.  Should work in all OSCAR.  Usual bells and whistles

2) a dashboard xml Obesity3 that allows for direct batch disease registry upload (Morbid Obesity 2701) for selected patients.  Works in OSCAR 19, probably others simply open the dashboard, run the drilldown. Select the patients and then use the Action "Add to Disease Registry" and voila!

3) BMI_Calculator_V3_Jun22_2022 eFORM, makes it easier to enter height and weight into measurements.  It will require a click to calculate the BMI, but the benefits are the imperial to metric converter, and the ability to retain imperial values in the comments for easier future reference.  This was a collaborative effort between Drs. John Robertson, Gunther Klein, Herb Chang, and John Yap.

4)V4_Oct16_2022 - inspired by peer mentoring work, I've added the Imperial values to the comments area of the metric values in measurements, matching what is added to the chart.  Just seemed like the right thing to do!  JohnY

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