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If you wish to download the OSCAR Zip file and the PDF file separately, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Created by David Page:

For my winter project I have created an eForm to help direct oral medication choices in diabetes.

It has a BC bias because funding is a big part of these choices and BC pharmacare has a process that we need to go through.

Patients here can get pharmacare approval for SGLT-2s and GLP-1s but that does not mean the meds are free.

The decision support leans more on the British than Canadian recommendations (ie more lean towards SGLT-2) and there is a neat chart under the SGLT2/GLP1 button that was created by James McCormack

In resources there are also a couple of useful web links in this regard.

Screening for liver fibrosis with a NIT like FIB-4 is a new concept for me so it is still a WIP in the tool.

Diabetes being a risk factor made sense to include it.

See the Alberta pathway in Resources for more information.

Now that we have potential weight loss medications it may be a reasonable thing to do, and potentially TZD will be coming back for this as well.

You will need to review the instructions first before using- the form is meant to simplify the process but it is still needs a bit of education to use.

When I uploaded it I clicked “Only show most recent eForm”

If you make changes on the eForm it is worth submitting as this will keep the changes the next time you open it

I am not 100% sure that all OSCAR setups will autopopulate the Platelets, AST and ALT

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Diabetes Tool
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