Email to Patient eForm

Email to Patient eForm

Updated 2020-Sep-19 16:43 added greasemonkey script from Mike Dodd to place a button on the demographic page to jump to the eForm. You will need to edit the greasemonkey scrip with the appropriate fid. Update 2020-Sep-10 08:46 now with 6 buttons - generic email, appointments, INR, TSH, Normal Labs (reassuring patient), Hb and Fer (Anemia). Also improved the appearance (CSS tweak). 2020-Sep-09 10:38 - I have updated my eForm that clicks to open your email program and send to the patient. It now has 3 buttons: a generic one one for appointments (includes appointment date and time and who the appointment is with) and an INR button (pulls the latest INR - you have to replace the 2 placeholders ( *** ) with their current dose and their new dose ).

This is a VERY basic eform that allows you to email your patients if:
1)you have entered their email in your demographic.
2)you have a default email program set up on your computer.
3) you should get their permission first.

Click where it says "email button" on the top left.

It will put your default email address in the "from".
It will put their email address on file in the "to".
It will put "Confidential information from your Doctor" in the subject line.
It will put "We wanted to make you aware of the following information: . Please call the office for further information at " along with the clinic phone number on file in the body.

Just HTML, no image file. Remove the .txt at the end of the file name. Upload (don't Import).

Attached Files

Email Button.html.txt remove the .txt and upload (not import) to the eform libraryDownload
Email_Button.user.js.txt remove the .txt and this is a greasemonkey script for use with the eFormDownload
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