FHA Medical Imaging Obs US specific

FHA Medical Imaging Obs US specific

Updated 2021-Oct-24 14:45 to allow for changing the default case room.

The eFORM remembers the chosen site until it is changed - for that chart/patient. If you wish to set it once and for all for the entire clinic, the you'll have to dig into the code. Look for // document.getElementById("DefaultHospital").value = "your chosen hospital";

Imaging eForm for Fraser Health - Obstetrics Specific. Updated October 18th 2021.

This FHA-background imaging requisition was modified to enable OB-specific indications at the request of PCOC initially, and has been added to various other imaging requisitions. This one had the most OB-specific indications and has been updated to 2021 standards.

Note - it has a "New Westminster" and RCH-centric flavour. Please modify it to suit your own locale.

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