Fraser NW DoFP Influenza Sx Testing Centre

Edited April 13th - V6 has links to pt-related resources form CDC. Updated April 11th - updated, with reference to latest MHO testing guidelines. And additional inputs for emerging symptoms to watch for. updated 2020-Apr-06 08:55 Updated to emphasize criteria for testing/not testing. Please provide as much detail as possible to facilitate clinic assessment, especially correct contact info. JohnY . updated March 28th 2019: Created by John Yap, tweaked by Herb Chang and now being used for COVID-19 testing. A great deal of feedback and front-line beta-testing has gone into creating 3 related eFORMS. Many thanks to Drs. Carllin Man and Ali Okhowat. These can be adapted to your specific location - you can substitute your own logo with a bit of PhotoShop work. Note that many new measurements are required for full functionality. There is a PDF reference to these measurements attached. Version 2 created by Created by John Yap and Herb Chang and now being used for COVID-19 testing

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Used by screening clinic to provide feedback to referring physicians. Multiple new measurements required for full functionality. Increased space for creating a consultation note. Download
For transfer from COVID screening clinic to Emergency. Note that the phone and fax numbers have been "hard coded" in the setDefault section. Reassign this number for your specific location. Download
PDF reference for required measurements. Creating measurement group greatly enhances ease of data entry. Download
COVID sx checklist, updated, simplified, with additional sensory sx added. Updated Yes/No toggle function as per Dr. C Chan. Addition of vital signs, with measurement pushDownload
Based on standard letter issued by BC Family Doctors. GP signature enabled. Download
Based on standard letter issued by BC Family Doctors. No signature required.Download
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