Generic Diagnostic Imaging Requisition

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  • Create Date January 5, 2022
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Generic Diagnostic Imaging Requisition

Created by Adrian Starzynski. A simple generic diagnostic imaging requisition for Ontario although it can easily be modified for BC (just remove the notice relevant only to ON from the bottom).

NOTE: In order for ordering physician's signature to be displayed, a signature image file named consult_sig_1.png where "1" is replaced by current user's PROVIDER ID, must be uploaded to your OSCAR images folder. For example: if your OSCAR Provider ID is 701 then you would name the image file consult_sig_701.png

TIP on how to create your signature image file:

Open a test patient's chart, click the + next to Consultations to create a new consultation request, sign with your mouse in the signature box, right-click in the signature box and save the image file (Save As...) then rename it.

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