Interior Health CT Requisition

Interior Health CT Requisition

Created by OSCAR BC

V1_Apr2_2022 is functional, but further development is underway to make it even better.

N.B.  Region specific supportive eFORMS are needed - BC Echo, Bone Density Requisition, Nuclear Medicine, and MRI.  V1 has references for Provincial standardized eFORMS (e.g. BC Echo) only.

V2_Apr9_2022 has the clinical features now embedded.  Adjustments still needed to access eFORMS for local nuclear medicine, MR, etc.

V3 and V4_May1_2022 were developed to enable Fax integrated OSCAR users to fax directly from the eFORM.  Unfortunately, for this to work, the CAR Guidelines had to be removed.  I you are faxing outside of the eFORM, then V2 will suffice, and you keep the CAR references.

V5_May14_2022 is fax enabled with the urgent/emergent logic fixed.  Same fix to be applied to V2 (fax disabled, but CAR enabled) - under construction.

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