RBT – Immunization Card (+optional GM/TM script)

RBT - Immunization Card (+optional GM/TM script)

From Lawrence Kwan:

I have modified my previous immunization record report by template to simulate the look and layout of the Immunization Card (Yellow Card).
This is easier for the patients to understand, and I have added the column for Covid vaccines.

Here's a sample output:

The optional Greasemonkey script (also works in Tampermonkey in Chrome) would put a "Print" button at the top right corner of the prevention screen - so it takes just one click to get the output above (instead of manually going to RBT screen and manually entering the number).
You MUST change a variable in the script to match the template ID of your Report By Template (found in the URL when you load the RBT). You are welcome to send me an email if you have problems finding the template ID or changing the variable. The attached script file extension needs to be changed from ".txt" to ".user.js" for import.

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RBT-ImmunizationCard.txt Can be uploaded to report by templatesDownload
Immunization Card RBT Link Button-js.txt needs to be renamed to Immunization Card RBT Link Button.user.jsDownload
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