Stand Alone Pregnancy Calculator

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For use outside of OSCAR. This folder holds all the files required to use the Pregnancy Calculator outside of OSCAR including the jquery library and all the javascript files. For those working on a computer with firewalls that prevent access to outside files, these files can be loaded in to a folder and the calculator will work inside the folder, or you can send a link to the desktop and work from there. Because WordPress will not allow uploading of js or html files, I have uploaded text files instead. Once you have uploaded these files in to a folder, rename the Pregnancy Calculator 2014.txt file to .html file. The rest are re-named javascript files. Download the txt file and rename the file extension once you have downloaded it. Change it back to .js from .txt . JohnR.

Attached Files

Pregnancy Calculator 2014.txt Runs in the browser. You can send a link to the desktop if you wish. Remember to change from .txt to .htmlDownload
jquery-1.4.2.txt This is the main engine for the jqueries. Upload and rename to a js file extension Download
DateCalender.txt upload this file and change from .txt to .jsDownload
DHTMLJavascriptCalender.txt Includes dates from the beginning of 2015 through the end of 2030. Can be edited past that date in the future. upload this file and change from .txt to .jsDownload
EDDfromCRL.txt This is basically a look up table that will convert a Crown Rump Length measurement in mm to weeks gestation (which can then be used to calculated the Estimated Date of Delivery). It is based on the Perinatal Services of BC tables. Some ultrasound machines autocalculate this based on tables from other jurisdictions (eg Denver) where the numbers may be different. Thanks to Kat Montgomery for the original js file. upload this file and change from .txt to .jsDownload
Stand Alone Pregnancy Calculator
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  • Last Updated December 30, 2020