Vancouver Island Health’s Community Access Centres referral form 2018

Vancouver Island Health's Community Access Centres referral form 2018

Updated - 2018-Jun-28 10:11 Oceanside community button added There are now 4 forms in 1 with 4 buttons to switch between communities-you will need to delete the old form to update the new form. Update May 14th 2018 - I have made the second page (instructions for filling out the form) into a side menu that does not print. I have amalgamated the 3 forms into 1 form with buttons to switch between the three areas. I have added a link to the MOST form and to the lab display. Other minor code updates. John Robertson ----- Form Name: Island Health Referral Form Description:This form is used to refer to Island Health's Community Access Centres (Community Intake) for all community-based services provided through Island Health. ---- Key words needed:Referral - Nanaimo, Referral-Cowichan, Referral - Victoria, Community Access, Intake ----

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