VideoChat eForm ZIP package with dependencies

VideoChat eForm ZIP package with dependencies

VideoChat eForm (Jitsi Meet Oscar Integration)
Version 1.1 Please see Kevin Lai's web page for this at:

During this COVID19, Part Deux; it is important for health providers to continue providing safe care. Although telephone calls may be part of virtual care, this technology has been around for over 150 years and is nothing new. Having more visual and salient information about a patient via a real-time video conferencing solution is crucial for making a safe diagnosis, and improving quality of care. This is important when health providers do not have the ability to conduct in-person direct patient physical exams.

Here, with support from the OscarOntario community, we introduce the first version (v.1-2020-11-26) of:

"VideoVisit eForm" (Jitsi Meet Oscar Integration) Commissioned by: Get Well Clinic

See patients online virtually. "The doctor will see you now."
Automatically create a secure unique (per patient, per day) video meeting room to a Jitsi Meet server and email the link and instructions to the patient (must be same day) with a click. For FREE.

Requirements: You need a webcamera, microphone, speakers/headphones, Firefox or Chrome, or Jitsi Meet app for your mobile phone


    • Go to: Administration -> Forms/eForms -> Manage eForms -> Create an eForm in Editor
    • Copy and paste the contents of the TXT file in to the eForm editor window, name it "VideoVisit"
      and click Save.
      OR Upload the ZIP eForm package to eForm Library (when available on WorldOscar)
    • Dependencies (are included in the zip, and sourced online as well)
    • Once loaded in Oscar, IMPORTANT TO EDIT the beginning eForm HTML settings to configure to your local instance requirements (i.e. change the video server URL, change the salt words, clinic name and add any other messages to the default email template)

Jitsi Meet is a secure end-to-end open source video conferencing platform. The default eForm uses the public Jitsi Meet server for demonstration purposes. It is highly unlikely anyone will be able to video bomb your meeting as the ethereal links are more complicated and unique than a series of numbers (unfortunately, used by a leading video platform that was susceptible to brute force guessing), it changes every day, and your encounters are brief.
We recommend installing your own self-hosted private Jitsi Meet server and link the eForm to your private server for enhanced security. You can enable username/password authentication with a private Jitsi server, as well as Lobby/Waiting Room function, and Room password. You can also connect to a VoIP number and make calls out from a meeting room, so instead of picking up the phone, you can do your conference calls with Jitsi Meet as well (no need to change to a phone).

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