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What are Report by Templates?

RBT’s are templates that tell OSCAR to search for specific information from the database. They are “database search templates” – similar to bookmarking a commonly searched for term.

This is a list of Report by Templates that can be downloaded. Click on a Category to filter the list.

Administrative, Outpatient, Report Templates December 16, 2018

    The following list of useful RBT template files

    Tutorial: How to use Database Search Templates

    60 Report by Template Examples
    Blank Report by Template


    Flu shot RBT to show who has had it and who is pending

    Prevention reconcilliation

    Predicting vaccine orders for babies RBT-How many infant shots do you need this month? Immunization Number Predictor Reports total number of active patients who will be due for a needle next month It may not be named right and the SQL is a bit rough (but runs quickly) but the idea is to forecast how many vaccines you need next month if you immunize your babies



    CDMs previously Billed not billed this year

    Colonoscopy Tally

    COPD Patients with Spirometry in the last 2 years

    diabetic HbA1C-LDL-meds

    Disease Registry Not Using Specified eForm

    eForm Lookup

    eGFR lookup

    Flu Shot Rates 2014

    HbA1c lookup

    HTN Dx

    INR Flowsheet Lookup

    INR Lab Review

    Lab results by patient by test name

    Mammogram Tally

    Measurement Values yes or no

    Medication number by age With Link

    Patients eligible for OHIP-funded Zostavax program

    Patients who list a Pen allergy that have an Rx for Pen RBT

    Patients with Multiple Drug Allergies Incl Pen RBT

    Patients with Multiple Drug Allergies RBT

    Percentage of patients not on medication

    Prevention Reports

    Preventions due or overdue

    Search eChart for Keyword

    Search eforms1

    Search for missing MMR shot in child RBT

    Search for Word or Text in Reminders-SocialHx-FamHx-MedHx-OngoingConcerns-Encounter

    Search for Word or Text in Reminders-SocialHx-FamHx-MedHx-OngoingConcerns-EncounterV2

    Search for Word or Text in Reminders

    Smoker Tally – Ontario E079 billing

    Disease Registry Population Tools:

    Disease Registry Population Tools Instructions – READ FIRST

    1of3 PSP Panel Assessment Tool Active By clinic
    2of3 PSP Panel Assessment Tool Active By Doctor
    3of3 PSP Panel Assessment Tool Active By Disease Registry

    1.Disease Registry Panel by Measurements
    Disease Registry Codes2

    Greasemonkey Script to provide a dropdown list in the Caseload view to easily see patient sets

    Immunization Record and Greasemonkey Script

    Demographic Clean-Up RBT Tools:

    Counts disease registry entries per doctor
    Lists numbers of active patients per provider not seen over a period
    Number of all patients with active designation in clinic


    Search Encounter for any text

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