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eChart Display Settings

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Display settings control how areas particularly in the header but also elsewhere including the navigation panels and the encounter pane look and behave

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Most of the settings are designed to be self evident with prominence of the set feature with relegation of the alternate to a tooltip
In other words you can display age with tooltip DOB or DOB with tool tip age
Similarly the Cell phone setting shows the Cell if available or home telephone if not with with the other in tool tip

Manage eChart Display Settings

Display eChart Timer: Yes     No
Display Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd): Yes     No
Display Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) Link: Yes     No
Display Cell Phone Number if Available: Yes     No
Display Health Insurance Number (HIN): Yes     No
Display Patient Email Address: Yes     No
Display Family Doctor: Yes     No
Display Referring Doctor: Yes     No
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