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eForm Magic Part C – Programming tips

eForms are programmed using html and javascript. There are countless online resources for ways to tweak your eForms.

Specific features and examples: This will be a list of useful eForm features with the name of an existing eForm that uses that feature.

  • Calculating Scores: coming soon

X-Box: The X-Box is a replacement for the checkbox. Instead of a checkmark, we use a black outline with an X. If your xBox has 2 exclusive choices, such as [ ] Yes or [ ] No, you can use the following code to only allow a single choice:

<input name=”FldNameY” id=”FldNameY” type=”text” class=”Xbox” style=”position:absolute; left:382px; top:580px; width:12px; height:12px;” onkeypress=”javascript:return displayKeyCode(event,;” onClick=”document.FormName.FldNameN.value=”;”>
<input name=”FldNameN” id=”FldNameN” type=”text” class=”Xbox” style=”position:absolute; left:435px; top:580px; width:12px; height:12px;” onkeypress=”javascript:return displayKeyCode(event,;” onClick=”document.FormName.FldNameY.value=”;”>

Manual field alignment: If you add the following code <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”3″> near the top of your eForm, you will force the page to auto-refresh every 3 seconds. Now you can manually tweak the left and top pixel values, save the changes and view the result in a few seconds. Make sure you remove the line after you finish making your changes.

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