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Preferred Pharmacies

Documentation Copyright © 2022 by Adrian Starzynski under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

The Preferred Pharmacy: link lets you specify the patients preferred pharmacy to be printed on the Rx or to be faxed directly from OSCAR

Access Preferred Pharmacies Setup

  •  At the right of the oscarRx header, there is a dropdown for the Preferred Pharmacy for the patient. It is initially blank but you can click the Preferred Pharmacy link to access preferred pharmacy options.
  • Once you click Preferred Pharmacy: you will get a list of pharmacies that have been entered into the system. Search for the one you are looking for and select it to set it as the preferred Pharmacy.

Searching/Selecting Pharmacies

  • When you have a large number of Pharmacies listed, you can use the search to narrow the list as I have done with searching fo which captures Fort Erie Pharmacy, Fortino’s and Silver Fox. Not shown: you can search using multiple criteria at the same time.  Entering fo to and b for pharmacy city and postal code respectively, will narrow the search to Fortino’s in this list
  • Hover over a pharmacy and it’s information will be bolded.  Click on it and the chosen pharmacy will be transferred to the Preferred Pharmacies column.

Add a New Pharmacy

  • If you can’t find the pharmacy in the list of existing pharmacies, you can always add it on your own using the Add Pharmacy link.
  • Fill in the blanks that appear on the screen. When you are finished, click Submit. You can edit information later on by selecting the edit link.

Managing Pharmacies

  • If you set more than one preferred pharmacy, the default position will be that of the top-most pharmacy listed in this view in the Preferred Pharmacies column.
  • Use the Up and Down buttons to alter the order of the pharmacies.
  • You can unlink a pharmacy from the patient with the unlink button.
  • View More link gives you the full pharmacy information
  • The Edit link will open the specific pharmacy and will modify the information for all users and patients (be careful!)
  • The Delete link will delete the specific pharmacy from all users and patients (be careful!)

Now, Fortino’s is the default (use the dropdown to select a different preferred pharmacy for the particular Rx) and you will be able to fax from Rx to the current indicated pharmacy.

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