Requisitions and eForms

Adding a New eForm

You can access the “Add E-Form” screen from four places:

  • the Master Demographic page: under the Resources heading, click “Add E-Form”
  • the Patient Encounter screen: left hand side of the page, click “E-Forms”, then “Add E-Form”
  • specific eForms may be available to you (set by Preferences Tab) directly on the appointment screen
  • You can select eForms from the search box in the encounter

eForm Library

  1. Choose the desired form from the list of the forms that are available.  If you have a lot of forms, you may first narrow down the list by selecting the right Form Group from the drop down menu at the top and clicking “View”.
  2. Fill in the the form or write the letter needed.
  3. Add an appropriate subject in the Subject box at the bottom of the form.
  4. Click on the ‘SUBMIT’ or ‘PRINT’ button when finished completing the form. These forms will now be a part of the patient’s electronic medical records.
  5. Certain special eForms (eg Antenatal and Rourke)  can be part filled and saved in draft form.  Only the most recent version is visible.  Do NOT save them permanently until you are done adding information.

Viewing, Changing And Deleting your eForms

You can access the “My Form” screen from two places:

  • the Master Demographic page: under the Resources heading, click “Current eForms”
  • the Patient Encounter screen: left hand side of the page, click “E-Forms”


  • If you want to change the data on an existing form, click on the name of the desired form and edit its content.
  • If you want to keep the older form, change the subject name on the edited form.
  • If you want the newly edited form to replace the old one, after clicking “Submit” or “Print”, delete the old form.
  • If you wish to delete an existing form click “Delete” in the Action column next to the form you wish to discard
  • If you accidentally delete a form you wish to keep click on the “Deleted Forms” link, then click “Restore” next to the form you wish to keep.