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Master Demographic Page

The Master Demographic Record is accessed from the M link on the schedule and in many other places in OSCAR


Edit gives you an opportunity to update the information displayed.  see Add a Patient


Labels provide a variety of formatting options for printing the patient in pdf or html formats.  Clinic Lab Label illustrated (pdf)

Export Demographic

Export allows you to export the patients chart in a variety of formats

Add a Family Member

You can add another household member by the Add a Family Member button which prefills some of the common demographic information.

Manage Contacts

Once the patient is saved you can open the (M)aster Demograhic and add related people.  This feature can be used when the patient has relatives that are also patients at the clinic and already have active medical files in OSCAR, but also those external

  1. Click the “ADD RELATION” link next to OTHER CONTACTS in the main patient detail record screen.
  2. A table of the patients already labelled as relations appears below a Search field. You can delete any incorrect relative contacts, or search for new relatives.
  3. After entering a relative’s last name and clicking ‘Search’, a list of possible matches will appear. Select the ID number of the correct patient.
  4. Choose the type of relationship that this person has with your original patient. You can also mark him/her as the patient’s substitute decision maker (SDM) or emergency contact (EC).
  5. Click ‘Add Relationship’.
  6. Click Submit
  7. The next time you bring up the patient’s detail record, the person you just added will appear under the heading OTHER CONTACTS.
  8. Professional Contacts may contain the name of the Family Doctor or Specialist(s) associated with this patient and will be listed under family members in OTHER CONTACTS

Enrolment History

The history of changes in enrollment status are documented here

Audit Information

If you need to determine who has accessed the chart the log that demonstrates who what and where can be shown through this link

Documentation copyright © 2012-2021 by Peter Hutten-Czapski MD under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License


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