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eForms save lots of time for both the referring practitioner and receiving practise…

  • patient details such as name, DOB, age, gender, phone, email, address, CPP, social/medical history, ongoing concerns, current medications, Rx history, etc. are automatically pre-filled on the eForm
  • referring practitioner details such as name, college license number, billing/referral number, office address, phone and fax #, signature, etc.
  • one-touch “Save & Fax” option so the referral can be sent with one click when done
  • referring practitioners save time as referrals sent using eForms are not rejected due to lack of information/signature/etc.
  • no illegible handwriting issue or mistake with patient’s phone # as it autofilled
  • eForms eliminate the need to print, fill, sign, scan, and fax referrals as everything is done in the eForm and can also be faxed/printed directly
    • save costs on paper, ink, patient labels, scanner, and above all – TIME!

To hire a professional to create your form into an eForm, please fill the form below.

All eForms created are also published on this site’s eForm repository – the largest eForm repository in Canada. So anyone using compatible EMR can import the eForm and start sending referrals easily through the eForm!