OSCAR is a suite of electronic health applications including:

  • OSCAR: An open-source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, designed by doctors, used by doctors and other front-line health care professionals.
  • MyOSCAR: A patient controlled personal health record (PHR)
  • MyDrugRef: A “social-network” to facilitate drug information exchange between professionals. MyDrugRef is fully integrated with the OSCAR EMR prescription module.

Brief overview: Everything you wanted to know about OSCAR, but were afraid to ask!

What is Open Source Software and why do you want it?

OSCAR’s open source code of conduct

Photo:  BC User Group Gathers in Vancouver April 2008

More information about OSCAR:

OSCAR is a free open source software project:

OSCAR is a national community of developers and technical support providers:

OSCAR is a collaborative partnership:

  • In the medical community we value our strong traditions of collegial sharing of clinical knowledge and expertise. As medical practitioners it seems natural to us to extend this collaborative approach to the IT tools we use to care for our patients. This is why we find the open source approach to Electronic Medical Records development and implementation to be such a good fit.
  • And that’s why we at the OSCAR Canada Users Society work together with the developers and support community, to make sure that OSCAR is, and always will remain, simply the finest EMR software no money can buy!

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