Doctor’s Note

Doctor's Note

2020-Jun-19 14:58 Corrected to include the necessary Doctors_Note_V15.js file. Sorry to the early adopters!

Currently on version 15 - updated for COVID-19 - COVID edition. Improved cues to ensure height of textbox adjusts properly when signing, especially on reload.

Original description:
The original version of this eForm was, I believe, from GuntherK, and was a huge improvement over the previous “sick note” eForm I was using. It is a great platform for using boiler plate - those standard letters for orthotics, CPAP authorization, RTW, etc, etc. The novice “programmer” can add more menu items by using the pattern set out in the js file stored in the image library (Doctors_Note_V8.js). If you’re not sure how to do so, ask your OSP. The original may have had “hard coding” for a specific clinic. I believe the current (attached) one is more “generic” and will reflect whoever is the user at the time. Which means - if your MOA is creating the note, it will be her/his name on the form! The latest upgrade has the fontSizechanger added - because my presbyopia challenges me every day! If there is other boilerplate you would like added, I’d be pleased to help out. If you already have an older version of the Doctor’s Note - you can keep that by renaming it. And you can add this one as a new eForm - with a different name, of course. Then decide which you prefer. JohnY

V19_Feb15_2022 has been further updated to include COVID infection attestation - for those patients requesting exemption from pretravel testing because of recent recovery from actual infection.

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