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V8_Apr12_2022 update.  General formatting upgrades and changes to Contact Box - no longer need to create an array for your urgent contact # - just add your preferred contact.  Improved access to CAR guidelines, with closing function.  The CGH specific items have been removed.

May 2021: Updated to include Tickler Loop Closer.

Dec 2020 : The original version of this "SMART" Imaging Requisition was developed by Drs. Page et al, in Chilliwack. The "guts" of the CGH-specific version are still intact, but commented out. I hesitated to distribute this widely because (try as I may), it was not possible to create a version that did not require SOME CUSTOMIZATION per clinic. The PROS of the eFORM include all the CAR references to guide you to the best imaging study for your situation. There are special alerts that are invoked, as needed. There are options to alert the radiologist on means to contact you for urgent results. CONS: those alerts are (can be) cell phone numbers that need to be added manually. They are located in this area of the HTML. /**************************** Add cell # as per array. Each clinic needs to add this as a custom modification! ****************************/ $(function() { $("#includedContent").load("${oscar_image_path}XrayGuideline.html", function onLoadComplete() { bindPopup(); var drCell = { //Here is the array that you customize for your clinic. Look to see how the name autopopulates then link this to a cell phone number "Dr X": "604-xxx-xxxx", "Dr Y": "778-yyy-yyyy", "Dr Z": "778-zzz-zzzz" //This last entry does NOT have a comma }; Just add the details particular to your site, and ensure the last array does not have a comma. I am not certain if the eFORM will still function as expected if this area is not updated. The X, Y, Z variables are simply the last names of the docs in your clinic. Feedback is welcome. JohnY

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