Fraser Health Echocardiogram Requisition

updated 2022/09/30/ 13:02 can now add site and address information to the email sent to the patient.
2022/09/29/ 13:47 Created at the request of the Horizon Medical Clinic. There is a standard BC wide Echocardiogram form that is supposed to be accepted throughout the province. However, I have made the Fraser health eForm, along with some "accordianed" instructions on the side and an email link to start communications with the patient.

Update V3_Oct12_2022.  This has the eMAIL function detuned, as my office uses a different method of IM (HIPPA-compliant, i.e not GMail).  The Echo sites are listed in the header, and the request date (blatantly absent form the PDF) has been added.  The side panel now behaves properly as it expands and contracts as per user request, allowing for scrolling.  Thanks to extra help from a real developer!  Typos from FHA corrected.

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