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FRAX Calculator

FRAX ® WHO Fracture Risk Assessment Tool for OSCAR EMR -

First: upload the main html to eForms and the images and the css file to images
Second: Setting your default Country. From EVERY computer that will use this tool, click on "Manual Frax Entry" (right side at top of this page) which will take you to the Sheffield University Frax Calculator. Hover over Calculation Tool on the top line and select Canada. Do a test run (you only need to enter age, sex, height and weight and then Calculate). Close out the page.
You can now use this eForm as is, click on "Manual Frax Entry", enter the details and then insert the results into the boxes and "Enter". However you can install a "Calculator Monkey" to do the work for you, but will involve some customisation....
Third (optional): Customising your "Calculator Monkey". Open the greasemonkey script "FraxCalculator.user.js" in a text editor. Look for "https://XXX.XX.XXX.XX:XXXXX/oscar_crossroads/eform/" and customize this first bit only to your corresponding section of URl that you see with this eForm open. You will need TWO customizations- one for remote access use and one for in office use as the URLs are different.
You are now done! If you went with the Calculator Monkey, it needs to be on EVERY computer that uses this form. All you do is open the eForm, complete any missing information and then click "Calculate".

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