ICBC forms CL 489, 489A, and 489B new for 2021

This is directed to BC Users only. ICBC has had their updated CL489 forms in existence for about 2 years now. I would warn users that this is designed to work with the ICBC Consent eFORM also found in this folder. This requires some customization as you need to know your Vendor Number, and created appropriate measurements for ICBC. Also - it's been tested in FireFox ESR only, in the WELL version of OSCAR. I certainly hope it works in other "flavours" of OSCAR. Comments/feedback are welcome, as I will be taking your comments back to ICBC. JohnY
From 2019
Updated 2019-Aug-09 13:51 As per John Yap 1. Add a warning that the Paste function does not function in Chrome 2. Spell out in more detail how to do the Paste function properly. Click Cancel, not OK!! 3. Enable a means to get to the billing page to create a private invoice number for tracking purposes. Maybe other clinics don't want to do this, but how else are you going to keep tabs on whether things have been "billed and paid"?? Created by John Yap with contributions from multiple other users (special thanks to Herb Chang). These are the new forms from ICBC for the GP standard medical report, and are required for use as of April 1st 2019. There are also instructions for uploading zipped eForms in this folder for those new to the process.

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Instructions for Importing Zip files in OSCAR 12Download
Instructions for Importing Zip files in OSCAR 15Download
Instructions for filling out the standard medical reportDownload
Topics to consider when filling out the Patient consent formDownload
Standard Consent formDownload
Alternate Updated Consent form - can replace standard consentDownload
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