Updated 2021-Feb-10 06:30 Now only pops up if you are less than 3 months out from symptoms, AND automatically sets a postdated tickler for 3 months from onset of symptoms. Updated 2021-Feb-04 13:06. Now calculates the 3 months required after symptoms before a referral can be made. This is labelled as a Fraser Health form, but also has information for St. Paul's Hospital and VGH. I debated creating a 2 page form, but went with a 1 page form and a link to the second page. Also contains links to the race app and an email link. JohnR.

Version 4b is the manual option where a button appears after filling in the first symptoms date, and you can click on it if you wish to create a tickler for 3 months after first symptoms. Updated 2021-Feb-15 12:58 with a red border around the tickler button.

V5_Aug5_2022 has the new update and criteria for 2022.  The clinic is now called the Post-COVID 19 Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network (PC-ICCN).  The associated eFORMS are Lower Mainland-centric.  Adjust accordingly for your Health Authority.

Note that referrals are not accepted until 90 days post-onset of symptoms. The first day of symptom is day zero.

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