Rich Text Letter 2020 V2

Rich Text Letter 2020 V2

Now Version 2.0

As of November 15th, 2020, the latest version of the Rich Text Letter is 2.0. If you have previously been using the RTL, you need to either replace the code in that eForm with that found in RTL2.0.txt, or you can create a whole new eForm and rename the (RTL2.0.txt) text file to something that ends in .html . You will also need the new editControl2.txt file which needs to be renamed to editControl2.js and saved in the images folder in OSCAR. There is now support for entering page breaks as well.

Version 2.0 is a newer version of the Rich Text Letter than present in your OSCAR, or OSCAR inspired software.

Not all features here will work on versions of OSCAR other than OSCAR19 (i.e. lab grid, specialist search box, template editor etc. will only work in OSCAR19).

To install just install the zip.

Additional files may need to be uploaded depending on your system

OPTIONAL: Stamps.js, edit to list your signing providers and their corresponding signature stamp image, and upload to the images folder to allow for automatic selection of the appropriate signature stamp.

OPTIONAL: several examples of RTL templates that can be uploaded to your images folder

NOTE that for some OSCAR forks (eg JUNO) this zip will not work.  Instead of the zip JUNO you will need to upload a new version of editControl.js to your images and cut and paste the content of the  rtl20_custom_editControl.txt file into the eform editor

If you have never had a Rich Text Letter you may need to upload all the images used for controlling the RTL  individually from

Created by Peter Hutten-Czapski, complete with word processing abilities and links to multiple areas of the chart. Please see the description here.

The Rich Text Letter writer is copyright by Peter Hutten-Czapski 2007-2020 © under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1

Thanks to Stanley Hurwitz for the lab grid function.

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